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How do I add my business to the site?
There are two ways to add your business

Click on the super cool button to the left
Click here

I didn't receive my activation email
First off, make sure you add as a trusted sender in your spam filters, we don't sell or distribute your email, except in the context of displaying your ad.

How do I edit my listing?
Hopefully you still have your Activation email, because the Activation Code in that email is your key to Edit your listing.
UPDATE!!!!- - Click HERE to retrieve your Activation/Edit Code!
Click here and enter the Activation Code from your email.

I deleted my activation email, how do I get it back?
Look in your deleted messages folder, if it's not there, well, I'm working on that too.

How can this site really be free?
Mainly I do this in my spare time, which is why some of the improvements have been taking awhile, but since I'm not paying others to do it, I can keep it free.

How did you come up with such an awesome idea?
Oh, I'm full of great ideas, only a lack of funding and time keep me from really kicking butt with 'em!